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Greetings and Welcome to Borrow the Power…

My name is Peterjj Lindemann,  otherwise known as Peterjj.  If you are here for the first time, or you are returning for new information I wish you a hearty welcome.  

This blog is heavy on information and light on the BS  !!!

If you are looking to crush it with Empower Network, you have come to the right place!

What this site is all about:

  • It’s about getting value from visiting this site frequently…
  • It’s about finding great information here that you can use in your business right away…
  • It’s about Information from Top earners that is working now!
  • It’s learning from the failures so you can avoid them…
  • It”s about sharing value…
  • It’s about time you had access to great information in one place…

Check This Out:

“You will find information on this site that will save you a huge amount of hours by learning what not to do, and how to avoid the pitfalls…”
You can  get a lot of  information by doing Google searches for Empower Network spending  hours and hours like I did sifting through tons of garbage and hype, finally getting to some gold nuggets…

Whew…  it can be exhausting, not to mention it takes forever.

Once you get the information, then what?  Where do you put it.?

You start with bookmarking, cutting and pasting, and so on,  you wind up with links to pages, and Youtube videos and more…  that you can’t find when you want it.

Frequently, you don’t even remember the subject or why you saved it.

It’s good information but It’s only useful if you can access the information quickly and find what you want when you want it.

Well, my soon to be Empower Network friend, look no further!

You will find the  silver, gold, and platinum nuggets from the top earners right here in the pages and posts on this site , as well as stories, insights, book highlights, wisdom from business leaders, technology, and practical information that you can use right away for your business and your life, right here, right now on this site. Powerful– Useful– Information.

  Hey, If you are currently in Empower, that’s cool… you are welcome too.  There is more than enough to go around.

You will find information on this site that will save you a huge amount of hours by learning what not to do, and how to avoid the pitfalls…

This site is continuously updated and changing–  we post what is working well so you can benefit…

I am  constantly Refining my skills and improving my online marketing abilities. As  Jeff Olson once said:

“Surround yourself with people of like mind and different talents and temperaments with the purpose of serving the goals of every member of the group. Associate with these people on a regular basis”.
If you know how to send and receive emails, and you can do searches with Google, you can do this business!


Here comes a shameless plug to join our team

The risk is low, and the rewards are high!

It’s only $25 to get started.

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 People that have a good experience here will want to join our team and possibly collaborate on other projects. It’s the tried and true simple formula in practice that you have heard five million times–

 Lead with value, gain trust, get business, make money. Simple, right! 


We have some nifty nija tactics that we use in our team site that you will have access to when you join our team!

We are constantly adapting to what works better and as new strategies are proven to work, we bring them to our team members to give you an unfair advantage, cool huh!)

Why join with me and the Sensational Green Team?

We offer the information that will slash your learning curve, and provide a turn by turn road map to be successful in this business (see our earnings disclosure.)

I want to take the risk off the table for you (what we know and who we are) and make the offer to join our team irresistible.

Theres’ gold in them there hills, use it wisely!

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Our team–The  Sensational Green Team  is  built on the concept of…

Borrow the Power learn the secrets from the best of the best to help you reach your goals.

Let’s face it and be honest…

Frequently people take ideas form others and pass it off as their own.

“Borrow The Power”
We like to share it, and give the credit as well…

We give the credit to those that produce great information…

We give ourselves the credit for recognizing it and “paying it forward”

Really like that line from the movie  Pay it Forward.

Hey, you know what…

Information is power…

But only if it’s available and you take action on it…

Maybe you have seen Empower Network many times, before but never opted -in because the “how to make money part with Empower Network” has been a little cryptic, or has never been clear to you.

Maybe you are new to making money online, or you have been trying to make money online, but you just have not been able to do it.

Maybe you are in Empower Network now and you want to generate more revenue, hey, that’s OK,  you are also welcome here…

We are all about stretching ourselves beyond any self imposed boundaries…

We emulate the successful methods and strategies of the top earners in Empower– Borrow the Power…

We have a laser focus on success… and only encourage people to join our team that have the burning desire to really improve their lives and their income.

No Wimps Allowed

If you want to be on a team of forward thinkers, and people that have a team spirit of  learning, sharing and doing.

Then– Welcome to the Sensational Green Team.

Check out this site, if you like what you see Join our team and live the life of your dreams!

The page has the latest posts, however I encourage you to check out all of the posts…  Including lot’s of links to cool stuff.

By the way check out the  TOOLBOX  page that has great tools that I use and that are used by our team members. Some of the tools have links for you to access them.

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